Team and collaborations

Institutions in orange and Countries of origin of our team members in blue.

Scientists working on the acquisition of the data and analysis are mostly from the labs of Adrian Hayday (KCL lab and Crick lab) and Manu Shankar-Hari. Below is an alphabetically ordered list of people involved in the project.

Kola Babalolawebpage and databaseEBI
Karen BisnauthsingnursingGuy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
Kate BrooksnursingGuy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
Matthew BrownBRC supportKCL, NIHR Biomedical Research Centre
Eva Bugallo BlancoresearchKCL
Florencia Canoresearch, webpageCrick
John CasonBioBankKCL Infectious Diseases BioBank
Julie Nuo En ChanresearchKCL
Sara Cipolatcat 3, facilities and logistics supportImmunoQure AG
Abhishek DasresearchLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, KCL
Daniel DaviesresearchKCL
Richard DavisresearchKCL
Amy DaynursingGuy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
Irene Del Molino Del BarrioresearchKCL, UCL
Francesca Di RosaresearchInstitute of Molecular Biology and Pathology, Italian National Research Council (CNR).
Katharine Dooresserology testingKCL
Richard EllisBRC supportNIHR Guy’s and St Thomas’ Biomedical Research Centre
Jonathan EdgeworthresearchKCL
Matthew FishresearchKCL
Isaac Francos QuijornaresearchVolunteering for Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust / NHS
Joshua FreedmanresearchKCL
Sarah GeeresearchKCL
Adrian HaydayresearchKCL, The Francis Crick Institute
Thomas HaydayresearchKCL
Liis HaljasmägiresearchUniversity of Tartu
Aislinn JenningsresearchKCL
Magdalene JosephresearchKCL and Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust
Shraddha KamdarresearchKCL
Kai Kisandserology testingUniversity of Tartu
Fernanda KyleresearchKCL
Adam LaingresearchKCL
Federico López Gómezwebpage and databaseEBI
Anna LorencresearchKCL
Christine MantBioBankKCL Infectious Diseases Biobank
Lauren MartineznursingGuy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
Jeremy Masonwebpage and databaseEBI
Duncan MckenzieresearchCrick
Blair MerrickresearchGuy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
Leticia Monin AldamaresearchCrick
Violeta Munoz-Fuenteswebpage and databaseEBI
Miguel Munoz-RuizresearchCrick
Stelios Papaioannoucat 3, facilities and logistics supportKCL
Pärt Petersonserology testingUniversity of Tartu
Sarah RyanresearchKCL
Furqan ShahsupportKCL
Manu Shankar-HariresearchGuy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, KCL
Efstathios TheodoridisresearchKCL
Celine Trouilletcat 3, facilities and logistics supportKCL
Pierre VantouroutresearchKCL
Sofra VasilikiresearchKCL
Jonathan Warrenwebpage and databaseEBI
Yin WuresearchUCL, KCL
Rozalyn YorkeresearchKCL
Iva ZlatarevaresearchKCL

Also, scientists who helped us with literature searches for experimental design and interpretation of the results:

Sebastien Fauteux-Daniel INSERM, France

Iria Gomez-Tourino, CIMUS, Spain

Aaron T. Irving. Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Institute, China                                                                       

Christina Michalski, BC Children’s Hospital, Canada

Koshika Yadava, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Switzerland